Don't Tell People Your Dream-Show Them-Show Goat

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Have you ever run out of battery power on your phone, Bluetooth headset, etc. while at the livestock show? How frustrating! Now you can have a portable Power Bank that will recharge and repower your devices. These power banks are etched not a vinyl stick on. These Portable Power Banks are small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to add hours of juice to your mobile device.

 This phone bank is the perfect gift for those on the go! Give this as a birthday or Christmas gift to all your rodeo lovers, livestock family, and friends, moms, dad, child, niece, or nephew.

 All gifts are custom made when ordered and are NOT returnable.


• Available in 7 Colors

• Laser Etched Design

• Size: 2.625”x4.375”

• High Capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cell

• 4000mAh

• LED Power Meter

• Aluminum-Alloy Body

• Includes Dual Charging Cable (Apple & Android)