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Which Stock Show Mom Are You?

Hey Mom, Let’s Get This Stock Show Started!

It takes all kind of mommas to make the show go on, and we think stock show moms ROCK! We love each and every one of them because, without all their individual efforts combined into one great force, a show just wouldn’t be a show. The following moms are:

Food Mom

“Her crock-pot game is strong and at any given point she may have several of them fired up keeping the family favorites warm and ready to eat on demand.”

Hair Mom

 “Just give her a brush and heck, if she doesn’t have hairspray, she’ll just do it with adhesive.”

Distraction Mom

“She’s worth her weight in gold when it comes to distracting the little ones. Playing cards, check! Coloring books, check! Trucks and tractors check!”

Photographer Mom

“She loves the challenge of getting the perfect shot. The entire barn is her subject; she’s willing to photograph every single child.”

Schedule Mom

“Always aware of her surroundings, at any given point she knows what class is in the ring and who’s on deck. The showmen in her crew never need to run to the make-up ring.”

Stock Mom

“Focused. Determined. Competitive. Don’t even try to interrupt her flow…she’s on the wash rack, she’s clipping, she’s fitting, she’s ringside and repeat.”

Hold-my-stuff Mom

"You’ve seen her a million times….she’s holding the belt, the boots, the phone, the halter, the show stick, the awards, and often even the calf!  This is the mom that helps us keep our head on straight and knows where to find anything that we’ve misplaced!"

Volunteer Mom

This is no doubt the most important mom of them all that you will find at the show.  This is the seasoned mom that has “been there, done that”.  Since her kids are now more independent, or perhaps even done with their show career, this mom (or grandma) comes back for more because she just can’t get enough!  She’s the one taking entries at the registration table, lining up the exhibitors in the make-up area, helping the announcer at the head table, and handing out the ribbons and banners.  She is the go-to-gal, no matter what the question is.  She is the problem solver and the get-r-done-r.
So kids, be sure to thank not just your mom, but all these stock show moms that make the show go on.  They care deeply about you, the cattle, and the show.  Because of them, you’re at the show.  It’s your success, the smile on your face, and your appreciation that keep them coming back again and again!