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Everything I Learned, I Learned From My Animals

livestock show swine
  • It’s ok to get dirty.
  • The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence – in fact, some fences we shouldn’t even get near, let alone touch.
  • Don’t be the last one to the feed trough.
  • There will be death, it will be sad.
  • There will be new life, it will be joyful.
  • We all need a pat on the back (and maybe even a kick in the rear) every now and then.
  • Listening is more important than voicing an opinion.
  • Never doubt or underestimate a mother’s instinct.
  • If dogs and cats can get along, so can we.
  • Stick with your flock.
  • A fresh grooming makes all the difference.
  • Playing catch is the best way to spend a summer’s afternoon.
  • Take a walk outside every day, no matter the weather.
  • The best thing to drink is cool, clean water.
  • Like a chicken, sometimes we just have to sit on it for a while.
  • Mid-day naps in the sun are good for the soul.
  • If someone is depending on you, show up and be prepared.
  • We will not melt in the rain.
  • Sometimes we just need a new pair of shoes.
  • One dog, one horse, or one person can change your life.
  • Be who God created you to be!


livestock show steer